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Toni Mazzaglia reports from Florence, Italy where we were ordered to stay home on March 10. Jennifer Adams reports from Mesa, Arizona. 

We'll be talking to regular people and experts around the world as this virus is hopefully getting under control,  and how to control the situation at home and in our home towns in the meantime.

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What can other countries learn from both the mistakes and the wise choices made in Italy under time constraint, while scientists and medical professionals around the world are still figuring it all out? 

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Episode 20: Breaking Bread, The Future of Food Service

Toni speaks with Cynthia Graber about what re-opening and eating out will look like for diners and business owners. Will we pivot to take-out and delivery only during the pandemic? How can we help keep our favorite small places open? 

Episode 19, April 30: Parenting the Pandemic

Toni speaks to Mindy Covin King about That Dot Media, and her new project, Parenting Pandemonium, plus What the Teal Happened, a podcast she co-produced with her late friend, Jenn Rooney. They talk about an epic road trip, discuss parenting during this pandemic, and pay tribute to Jenn.

Episode 18: A Funny Thing Happened in Quarantine

Toni talks to Ali Bogner, who tells the amazing story of her mother surviving Tuberculosis back in 1949... and the family secret born from her time in quarantine.

Ep17: Roll the Dice, Gambling with Our Health & Economy

Giacomo Sillari's back, & Toni picks his brain about how to behave when we all get out of quarantine. They discuss the Dunning-Kruger effect, stochastic terrorism. Can an effective leader decide what to do in a time so uncertain as this? What does a poor leader bet on? Our lives, or the economy?

Just Your Average Pandemic Stories

Jen is back after a month hiatus with some big news, & she gets Toni caught up on the current situation in Arizona & around the US, from hair dye & toilet paper shortages, to protests & press conferences. The two reminisce and have quite a few giggles about some of their adventures together in Italy

Episode 15: Rosa the Riveter

Toni speaks to Paris born, Los Angeles Costume Designer, Rosa Medina, who's been making masks for a few weeks now- but also headbands (please note these are genius & we could be making these to effectively help out healthcare personnel who suffer from the elastic behind their ears for hours a day). 

Corona Podcast, Episode 13: March 28, 2020

Toni speaks to Sarah Mikutel as they discuss the changes in the UK since their last conversation on March 11  (listen to Episode 2 to hear the first conversation). We reflect on the positive side of time in  quarantine, and on how lucky we are, despite the pandemic effecting our lives.

Corona Podcast, Episode 12: March 29, 2020

With a huge rise of dog adoptions during  the pandemic, Toni speaks to Canine Behavior Specialist, Meagan Thomas. Is now a good time to get a dog? How do we keep dogs healthy & happy while we're all staying home and habits must change? Meagan shares ideas on creating new games & toys for our dogs.

Corona Podcast, Episode 11: March 25, 2020

Toni speaks to life coach Julia Sarver. This episode is the boost you need to get inspired and reinvent yourself or manage your expectations about the future but also the present. Also some great tips on finding personal space while co-habitating during this pandemic.

Corona Podcast, Episode 10: March 24, 2020

No gloom and doom, Toni speaks with Caitlin Hawekotte, MBTI® Certified Practitioner & Gallup®-Certified Strengths Coach. They discuss personality types, and how knowing yours can help you get along better with others, especially during an indefinite amount of time at home with family or roommates.

Corona Podcast, Episode 9: March 22, 2020

Toni speaks with journalist, Teresa Masterson, about being in quarantine with her mother in law, and thoughts on depression, healthy forms of escapism, and best practices for choosing news sources when all kinds of information is coming at us at the speed of Covid. Stay home & stay sane, everyone!

Corona Podcast, Episode 8: March 19, CAROLINA IS BACK

Carolina Gamini returns with a positive message,  as she has gotten used to staying at home after this first week. If you are just beginning, this will ease your mind.


Toni interviews her mom, who is always right. They talk about the current pandemic & the race against the clock in America to get people to stay home. Toni begs any listeners who are still undecided to stay home on St.Patrick's Day. Note: there's talk of 911: Toni's mom was working in the Pentagon. 


In this episode, Toni speaks with Giacomo Sillari, an expert in Social Norms and Behavioral Economics in Rome. He explains why people tend toward optimism in the face of disaster, why and how we must adapt in times of crisis for our security and civil duty & why human behavior is possible to change.


Toni speaks to Carolina Gamini, who describes how things have truly changed  overnight. Since she lives in the historic center of Florence, Italy, she is able to recount what she's experiencing first hand. You can't keep Toni and Carolina from getting cheeky- so there's still a little comic relief.

Corona Podcast, Episode 5: March 13 & 14

Jen and Toni have a quick call on Friday the 13th to catch up on events in Italy and America since they first spoke in episode 1, on March 10.
This one is short but can help you get caught up during a week that's been packed with changes due to the pandemic we're facing.

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